• November 2023, Due to abuse on our repeater systems, we have decided to permanently disable both DMR mode and System Fusion (C4FM) mode. The DMR and C4FM repeater have been replaced by an FM repeater.
  • 2022 : With a broadcast FM antenna and DAB+ antennas right next to the ON0DP antenna, the sensitivity of the repeater receivers dropped significantly. We deeply regret this.
  • Jul 07, 2016 : The international Brandmeister network growing daily.
  • May 24, 2016 : Today we renew our computer system. This stronger and faster system give more speed and stability to all our repeater systems.
  • April 02,2016 : After a long time of waiting for software changes the C4FM repeater is finally in full digital mode and connected to Wires-X. Today we change also the Comet CP95 antenna by a new one.
  • August 05,2015 : ON0DP is now also receiving station for the PI2NOS network. TX site Goes 430.125 MHz (province Sealand NL) RX site Boom 431.725 MHz (central Belgium) Thanks to fine co-operation with Micha PA1OKZ. More information

hobbyscoop PI2NOS

  • July 01,2015 : After several weeks of test the ON0DP VHF System Fusion repeater runs now on the new official frequency of 145.787.5 MHz. The interference between the repeaters PI3UTR and ON0DP on 145.575 MHz are now ended. Thanks to the repeater team PI3UTR and PI2NOS for the technical support and PI3VLI for the frequency change.
  • February 1 ,2015 : DMR international reflectors are available on slot 2 ON0DP DMR repeater. List of international reflectors you find here
  • December 15,2014 : Today the UHF D-Star repeater is back on the air ! New Frequency : 438.462.5 MHz check it out.
  • October 4, 2014 : C4FM (System Fusion) is on test via ON0DP 145.575 MHz. Select CTCSS tone 131.8 on TX and RX. For more information about C4FM look by C4FM on our website.

6143lrg FT1DR_thumb FTM-400DR_thumb

More information about Yaesu SystemFusion

  • March 8,2014 : mounted a Comet GP-95 ,3 band antenna today for ON0DP repeaters.
  • January 2014 : Temporary using 3 band spare antenna for the 3 repeaters. Sensitivity VHF not yet optimal.
  • January 1, 2014 : ON0DP VHF 145,575MHz from now on the air.
  • October 2013 : ON0DP DMR New network settings
    After general discussion it was decided (temporarily) to move from the global DMR network. In this way we want to make the network more stable than the last few weeks with  some updates that ensured regular outages. We continue to look how the global network grows and then we can join it again.
    To be fully compatible with other networks worldwide, we need to adjust some settings:
    Slot 2 used multisite > From now SLOT 1 = Multisite!
    Slot 1 used locally > From now SLOT 2 = LOCAL!
  • September 2013 : ON0DP 70cm DMR repeater is on the air and connected to the world wide HAM DMR network ! The 70cm D-Star repeater moves on a later date to the new frequency 438.9875 Mhz.
  • August 2013 : ON0DP 70cm D-Star repeater will be in a very short time replaced by a 70cm DMR repeater. However, DMR is not compatible with D-Star ! DMR is another certified standard for private digital radio, so called “Digital Mobile Radio”. Beyond many DMR radio networks in the world a DMR based ham radio network was established. Which currently consists more than 100 repeaters all over the world. The repeaters are linked via the internet and offer worldwide communication. By selecting the right talkgroups enables you to communicate on local repeater, nation wide or worldwide.
  • June 2013 : ON0DP home reflector is REF028A for 70cm and DCS011A for the 23cm repeater. However, all D-Plus and DCS reflectors can be connected.
  • April 2013 : ON0DP home reflector is now DCS 011.
  • March 2013 : ON0DP will change to DCS and CCS in the next few weeks.
    You will find more information about DSC/CCS on our D-Plus vs. X-Reflector tab.